Biggest Misconceptions of SEO

Dispelling Some of the Biggest Misconceptions of SEO in 2020 Leave a comment

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a critical part of online marketing. Marketing experts estimate that roughly 64% of web traffic comes from organic search engine listings. Without a strong SEO strategy in place, marketers are going to struggle to drive sufficient quality traffic.

Marketers need to appreciate the importance of SEO. They need a well-planned and properly executed strategy to drive search engine traffic.

Unfortunately, many marketers struggle to develop a proper search engine strategy. One of the problems is that they fall victim to a number of misconceptions about SEO. They should be more informed about the nature of search engine algorithms and try to adapt their strategies accordingly.

According to Kevin Yeaman, a 20 year Denver SEO expert, these are some of the biggest misconceptions about SEO to avoid.

The quantity of links is more important than anything else
Some people believe that their website will rank better in the search engines if they get more links. This is true to a point, but there are many other factors that are more important. A website with more backlinks is not necessarily going to rank better than one with fewer.

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