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Social platforms have transformed into the ‘business-happening’ place. The leading social platforms have millions of users of various professions and businesses who surf through it every day. Hence, social platforms can be leveraged as an effective tool for lead generation. A recent survey noted that major B2B companies generate 70% of leads through social platforms. Through this, it is evident that B2B companies have a large share of their business through social platforms.

Showcase the Content That Builds Credibility

The content you roll-out acts as the ‘driving force’ that drives leads towards you. Especially in social platforms, the way your content communicates with the people will serve as the deciding factor in converting a lead. Understanding the difference between B2B and B2C will aid you mostly in framing effective content. B2C is a customer-centric business. So, the content is usually focused on connecting with people emotionally. The advertisements will entice people and evoke emotions in them. But, B2B does not function in the same way. To make a buyer approach you, he must feel that you can benefit his business and increase his profit. Hence, you should have an analytical approach while framing your content for social platforms. Stay abreast of the latest innovations in your field. Create a detailed blog post on it with its pros and cons and how the new technology can transform your field. Post the blog on your social media page.

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