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Social Media Trends Report: The Effects of COVID-19 on Marketing Leave a comment

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The unprecedented situation created by the recent havoc has disrupted the whole business landscape. When virtual connections became a necessity and digitization was in full swing, marketing strategies changed automatically.

Since people were spending more time online, marketers came up with new social media tactics. Whether we talk about Facebook or Twitter, Tik Tok or Instagram, new trends can be seen everywhere.

To understand this sudden change and its impact on marketing, let us study the social media trends in detail. Here are a few stats for you:

Impact of 2020 Events on 2021 Social Media Marketing

Hootsuite published a recent report about marketing trends in 2021. The report is based on a study in which 11,000 marketers were questioned about the changing marketing trends. The research was done in Q3 of 2020, so the findings are relevant and prevalent:

Let me share the key points here:

  • Instagram Is Taking Over Facebook – A 2% increase is calculated in the advertising on Instagram in comparison to Facebook. This increase was seen from July till September. Instagram advertisement reached 7.1%, which is thrice that on Facebook. However, Facebook is still the first choice for marketing by 78% of emerging brands.
  • Instagram is Marketer’s first choice for Marketing Campaigns Aimed at Increasing Brand Reach: As far as the growth in reach is concerned, Instagram tops the list again. The success is evident by the budget forecasting of 61% of brands. The study shows how brands are willing to spend a huge chunk of their marketing budget on Instagram. Facebook is second in the list, preferred by 46% of the brands. Similarly, 45% of the brands prefer YouTube for marketing.
  • TikTok and SnapChat – Though Tik Tok has increased in popularity during the pandemic, it is not the preferred marketing platform for brands. Only 14% are planning to invest in this platform, and just 4% of brands prefer Snapchat.
  • Brand are looking to Attract New Customers in 2021 – Business goals have also changed enormously after the pandemic. In 2021, 73% of brands are planning to acquire new customers, compared with 46% of brands in 2020. Additionally, 64% of organizations are planning for brand awareness after the turmoil settles down.

A Boom in Online Purchases via Social Channels

An analysis by Visa revealed a growing trend of online purchases worldwide. It highlighted how social media platforms are becoming a source of interaction for such purchases.

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