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The word “transformation” conjures up images of instant change. Like a Harry Houdini magic act, one second the elephant is there; the next it’s gone. The digital transformation of small business hasn’t quite moved at that pace. It’s taken more of a slower evolutionary pace.

For many businesses that worked, up until earlier this year when a global pandemic shook the world, changing both business and consumer behavior patterns, almost, well, instantly.

If your business is still playing catchup, you must start or accelerate your digitization process now. This can seem overwhelming, because there are so many parts: marketing, sales, customer experience and loyalty, raising money, hiring and retaining employees, sourcing, going global, and more. On the plus side, once you digitize, you’ll have more time to focus on business and growth strategies.

When addressing the digitization process, you can’t ignore the impact of the coronavirus. Most consumers have apps on their phones for restaurants and retailers they frequently do business with, ordering ahead, arranging for curbside pickup. That’s part of the normalization of digital living.

Digitizing wallets
Consumers now have higher expectations of businesses, because many went digital before businesses did. One area customers are increasingly embracing is digital payments. While offering contactless payment options was a direction many businesses were already headed in, COVID-19 gave that a powerful push.

Consumers—and employees—are reluctant to exchange money or even a credit card with others. Contactless payment solutions let customers pay, either from their phones or with credit cards without any worriesa.


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