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Choosing the right marketing strategy for your business will allow you to achieve your marketing objectives, increase your sales, and find a way to connect with your customers and develop long-term relationships with them. On the other hand, if you choose the wrong marketing strategy, you can expect to underperform. Here are the four signs you chose the wrong marketing strategy for your brand.

#1 You Aren’t Achieving Your Marketing Objectives

The first sign that you have chosen the wrong marketing strategy is that you aren’t achieving your marketing objectives. These can vary from getting more likes and comments on Instagram to increasing sales of a particular product or service you are selling. But whatever these objectives are, if you are not achieving them, it likely means that you aren’t using the right marketing strategy to pursue them in the first place.

To better understand how you should change your marketing strategy, make sure to assess your current objectives and see if your marketing and promotional actions correspond to the goals you have set. If they don’t align, it’s likely that you are using the wrong marketing strategy. For example, if you want to have more social media followers, only using email marketing to promote your social media profiles won’t be effective.

#2 You Are Losing Existing Customers and Not Gaining New Ones

Another indicator that you have chosen the wrong marketing strategy may be the fact that you are losing existing customers and not gaining any new ones. This will significantly reduce your client base which will, in turn, decrease your sales and prevent you from increasing your revenue over time. In other words, it can be a huge issue for you and your business if you really don’t keep in mind your existing and potential customers.

Of course, there are many factors that can influence the number of your current customers and the customers you acquire. For example, your products and services may be of lower quality than your target audience wants them to be. But most of the time, the issue lies in your marketing and the way you execute it. Hence, if you don’t change the may you market and promote your brand, you will end up with way fewer customers.

#3 Your Average Session Duration Is Low and Bounce Rate Is High

Yet another sign that you are using the wrong marketing strategy is that your website’s average session duration is low and bounce rate is high. In other words, there are fewer people visiting your website. This will make your website rank way lower in search results giving you less exposure. Moreover, how long users spend on your website will determine the actions they perform on the site and what they purchase there.

At the same time, you need to keep in mind that your website might actually be the issue here. If your website is poorly designed or doesn’t have the information or content your site visitors expect to see there, they will be more likely to leave quicker which will influence your average session duration and bounce rate.

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