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Since mid-March and the onset of the global pandemic, small businesses of all shapes and sizes have been scrambling to pivot–and improve upon–their e-commerce presence. With everyone shopping, working, eating and socializing almost exclusively from home on our devices, having a strong digital brand has never been more important for business survival.

Research from 99designs shows that more than a quarter of all small businesses surveyed this spring said they were considering a website redesign (and 66% of those without a site now in the process of creating one) in response to Covid. What’s more, 46% of SMBs are planning or are actively rolling out e=commerce capabilities as a result of the pandemic.

If yours is one of the millions of businesses moving your goods and services from brick-and-mortar to an online offering, how can you easily create an e-commerce experience that will stand the test of time, through COVID and beyond? Here are three key considerations.



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