In the face of our new reality, many businesses remain closed or operate under restrictions. Business CEOs are thinking strategically about how they can keep their companies moving forward in the current environment while planning for the future. And the decisions leaders make now will define long-term success both for their businesses and employees.

As they look ahead, CEOs are asking themselves hard questions that shed light on their company’s biggest challenges and help form a plan for 2021. In conversations with current and former CEOs from organizations representing industries around the world, I’ve gathered five common questions CEOs are asking themselves in preparation for the year ahead:

How long will we be operating in short-term sprints?

In the midst of the pandemic, many companies have found themselves focusing on short-term performance metrics, so that they can quickly pivot and develop new strategies based on their results. When leaders focus on KPIs they can successfully measure and track in the near term, they are able to channel all of their resources toward driving key initiatives. Leaders are still referring to their long term strategic plans as a reference point that can be adjusted as needed, and adhering to their organization’s mission, vision, purpose and values as their North Star.

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