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Many people dream of one day opening a restaurant, but few make it to this point. Making a plan and taking steps towards accomplishing your goals can be difficult, but it’s the only way to achieve this dream. You must do the research and put in the time it takes to open a successful restaurant. Whether you plan to be the chef or hire a chef and be the general operating manager, you need to put yourself out there to make it in this business.

Here are five things to do before opening your restaurant:

Choose a theme

Choose a theme

You need to choose a theme or niche for your restaurant that will differentiate you from your competition and provide an edge for marketing. Your theme should encompass every aspect of your restaurant, including the menu, decorations, uniforms, and overall customer experience. Themed restaurants may seem over the top and require a high level of detail, but a clear theme is an ideal way to differentiate yourself and acts as a guiding light for all other parts of the planning. Your theme can be based around a type of food like Cajun, French, or Italian. Or, the theme can be based on an idea or concepts like rock and roll or southern hospitality.

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