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Safety Signage

As businesses reopen and businesses, there is now a heavy focus on safety, hygiene, and distancing protocols. A great way to deliver those messages is with eye-catching and affordable COVID-19 safety signage from Indiesigns.

The colorful, upbeat signage follows the latest safety regulations from the Centers for Disease Control and are designed by independent artists. They can be customized to include logos, company language and titles.

Two Employee Engagement Solutions

1—From Zenefits:
Zenefits, the HR, benefits and payroll platform, recently added to its product suite with the launch of People Hub and Employee Engagement Surveys. These powerful people-enablement tools offer enterprise-grade HR technology solutions built for SMBs.

The drastic changes in the world of work since March has put a spotlight on a company’s ability to understand the sentiment of its workforce and to effectively communicate with them. Under normal circumstances, employee engagement and workforce communication are tough challenges for SMBs. But effectively addressing these issues when employees are working from home and adhering to social distancing recommendations is seemingly impossible. It’s no surprise that a June 2020 Gallup poll showed the largest decline in U.S. employee engagement in the 20 years they have been tracking the metric.

The new tools help businesses centralize communications with a distributed workforce, easily gather and analyze employee sentiment, and support employee well-being. And they help level the playing field for small businesses via tools that were previously only available to large companies.

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