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Are you one of the small business owners who pivoted earlier this year to remote operation amid the coronavirus pandemic and are now confronting the return to work dilemma? It’s an increasingly common situation these days. Should you stay remote (some businesses are still paying rent for unused office space) or return to your workplace? When trying to make that decision, however, it brings up a host of other questions, including:
Can you return to work safely?

Are your employees ready to come back?

Do you feel confident you can provide a safe working environment for yourself, your staff, your clients and customers?

If you are struggling with these issues, you are not alone. And there are workplace tools and solutions available that may decide between returning to work a bit easier.

I recently talked with David Palmieri, DVP/GM of Product Management at ADP. Palmieri says they started hearing from clients back in the summer who were looking for tools to help them manage the getting-back-to-work process and create an environment where everyone felt safe.

Palmieri points out the challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis were unique, and there weren’t any ready-to-go solutions “laying around” that could be immediately implemented. But, he says, ADP and other large companies were facing the same dilemma, so
“we rallied to bring tools to market” and got to work creating innovative solutions that were built right into ADP’s HR and payroll platform.

Realizing businesses of all sizes could benefit from the same solutions, they just had to be scaled for easy use. ADP created a Return to Workplace dashboard designed for small businesses.


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