Ask any business owner and they will tell you, if there is any silver lining for businesses in these tough times, it is the opportunity to forge closer relationships with clients, customers, and colleagues. Hard times can reveal people’s true character. Working with someone under such conditions can bring you closer, both as people and as professionals.

The clearest example of this dynamic is with virtual assistants. Their jobs often cover a range of tasks, and because they work virtually—rarely or never having in-person interactions with their client—a personal connection can seem harder to achieve. Add changes to “business as usual” and relationships can grow even more strained.

For example, the current pandemic has the potential to redefine what a traditional assistant can accomplish. During times like these, looking at the dynamics between virtual assistants and their clients can reveal what is possible when you think outside the box. Since the relationship is already virtual, the remote work style has a solid foundation from the beginning, making an already broad task list is easier to expand.

To help make this point, let’s look at a recent success story:
Renard Bergstrom owns the business his grandfather started almost 100 years ago, Bergstrom Cars. Renard is not only a proud business owner and a military veteran, but according to his employees, what sets him apart is the way he treats them like family. From the first day COVID-19 warnings were issued, Renard has focused on making his dealership a safe place for both employees and customers.

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