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Retailers are on a roller coaster ride. And, while the reopening strategies are different across the country, for many small businesses reopening is unsettling, especially with worker/customer fears of infection and the possibility of closing again.

A successful reopening encompasses three major strategies: compliance to local health guidelines, setting expectations for customers and employees, and creating a comfortable and safe in-store customer experience.

Reopening Guidelines

Most local governments have very specific reopening guidelines on best practices for reopening retail stores. Search your county website for a protocol checklist for retail establishments. Your county’s public health department has the jurisdiction to make sure businesses are following protocol, so contact them if you have questions about possible violations.

The rules vary by location, but most follow similar procedures in five key areas:

Workplace policies and practices to protect employee health
Measures to ensure physical distancing
Measures to ensure infection control
Communication with employees and the public
Measures to ensure equitable access to critical services

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