With uncertainty being the only constant in 2020, there are numerous unresolved disruptions to our familiar patterns. We don’t know when schools and offices will fully reopen or even when we’ll be able to comfortably embrace friends and loved ones. With change around every corner, adaptability is the key for success. And as our world continues to navigate the impact of COVID-19, SMBs need to adapt to become as digital as possible to encourage company growth.

Here are three ways SMBs can adapt to a digital business model:
Don’t wait – adapt now
We are living through a historic period of extraordinary change and in order to manage change effectively, we need to evolve and grow. Open-minded and flexible and workers will be the leaders of tomorrow as agile thinking is increasingly needed in the workplace to help businesses prosper. Adaptability is a driver of innovation as it allows ideas to grow and morph into something stronger and better.

Some businesses can roll with changes easier than others and the SMBs that can evolve will likely outlast those that cannot. Companies will have to take a close look at their digital maturity to determine the best technology solutions to maintain or grow their business. If they implement the same technology they had in years past or even before COVID, they risk potential customer loss and could also face decreases in employee productivity.



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