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Recruitment websites that rank well in Google’s search results often rely on effective SEO strategies. So, how can you replicate their success?

You can begin by creating content that will engage clients and candidates and provide valuable information to them. Secondly, you can use specific recruitment SEO techniques that will lead the target audience to your content.

How can you accomplish these objectives?

There are a wide variety of SEO strategies that online recruiters can use. One of the most effective is on-page SEO. For many online recruiters, on-page SEO success is critical as it usually produces a higher ranking on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). This will, in turn, boost their website traffic.

1. Title tag optimization

Title tags are the links you see in the search engine results and they are a major influence on searchers. So, how can you make them stand out from the competition?

Firstly, ensure the title is the right length as Google will only display the first 50 to 60 characters. You can make use of title tag preview tools to check its appearance in the search engine results.

Also, when creating a title, bear in mind the following three factors.

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