The age of outsourcing started in the middle of the 70s when successful businesses have concentrated on their core operations and outsourced minor tasks. This new strategy got its official name only in 1989. Still, we can state with confidence that outsourcing is around 50 years old and it has only started taking its real shape, especially in IT.

Outsourcing is all about delegating certain development tasks from in-house engineers to exterior vendors. By doing so, businesses make up for the in-house resources that they usually lack and enable their limited number of employees to focus on some core business tasks.

Software outsourcing models

What should businesses start with when they decide to outsource software development? They need to choose the outsourcing model to suit their requirements. There are three most effective options.

Staff augmentation

By choosing this model, companies fill in the gaps of their in-house development teams. This is how they support the development process at stages when it’s needed the most.



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