Rosemarie Richardson and Stephanie Rossino expanded their business and added a Pet Butler franchise in July 2019.

Work and home life can become a dizzying mix for working couples, even more so when you’re running a business together. So, it’s important to have some ground rules, be they ever so simple. Together for almost 18 years, Rosemarie Richardson and Stephanie Rossino have been owners of GiggyBites Bakery & Marketplace for dogs since 2007 before expanding their business and adding a Pet Butler franchise in July 2019. “We do a good job of staying in our own lanes,” says Richardson. “We’re really supportive and respectful of each other’s skills and ideas and that’s why it works.”

Richardson and Rossino first met on in July 2002 – “Wow, time flies!” said Richardson – and have melded each other’s talents and skills to run two successful businesses catering to area dog owners. GiggyBites Bakery & Marketplace – named after the couple’s Chihuahua, Gigabyte – sells healthy, great-tasting, homemade dog treats that are sold at its Chadds Ford retail location, online and wholesale. Conversely, Pet Butler provides waste removal and other pet-related services in Chadds Ford, located about 25 miles southwest of Philadelphia, and surrounding areas. “With GiggyBites, we’ve built a fun and thoughtful community of folks who want to feed their dogs the best stuff available,” Richardson said. “When we added the Pet Butler franchise in 2019, we were both very involved with the start-up, but since then I’ve taken the lead with Pet Butler while Stephanie focuses on store operations with GiggyBites.”

It was Stephanie who took the first foray into a pet-related business in the early ‘90s when she began making Stephanie’s Gourmet Dog Biscuits and selling them at local events. In 2004 – two years after they met – Richardson and Rossino began selling the homemade treats online and “we were soon selling treats around the country and spending all our spare time making and shipping dog treats,” Richardson said. Three years later, they opened their bricks and mortar location. “We had a good mix of food, dog and business expertise,” Richardson said. “Stephanie had worked for many years in [non pet-related] commercial kitchens and had already developed her successful recipes for dog treats. I had a business background, mostly in project management and leadership. We both really dig everything about dogs and their people, so it’s a good combination.”

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